sem∑i∑nal - Of, relating to, or having the power to originate; creative, highly influential in an original way; constituting or providing a basis for further development: a seminal idea in the creation of a new theory.

London born & bred Colin Stennett(aka DJ Semi) makes no attempt to hide his love for music. Whilst his vocal talents may leave much to be desired, his musical ear takes in all that is good, new and true under the vast umbrella of deep and soulful house.

Over the last 10 years, DJ Semi has been producing blends and mix tapes/CDís for the most demanding of audiences - so the art & science of mixing is very much part of his make up. Being heavily influenced by artists as wide and varied as Stevie Wonder, Level 42 & Incognito has led to a very eclectic and unique mixing style employed in each and every one of DJ Semiís mixes, ensuring that each cut is a pure & melodic musical cruise through genres, emotions and mood.

Put plainly, if its soulful, vocal, latin, broken or just plain olí deep house, DJ Semi will be there tasting and sampling the very finest soulful house has to offer. Why not come sample some of the magic yourself?...

Catch DJ Semi each week on Pressure Radio - bringing you the best in Soulful, Broken, Jazzy, Deep and Funky House tunes every Tuesday evening from 18.00 GMT - 20.00 GMT.

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